Dangerously Low On Supplies, Denver Women’s Center Asks for Help

DENVER, CO — As Denver’s first frigid weather moves in, a shelter for homeless women says they’re running dangerously short of basic supplies, Denver 7 reported. Samaritan House Women’s Shelter, run by Catholic Charities of Denver, said the shelter took in about 215 women in one day this week. That’s a record number of women turning to the shelter for help, organizers said.

The shelter provides overnight beds, meals, clothing and other services to single women but it’s running short on cold-weather supplies like blankets, gloves and other items.

"We are running low on items needed to keep women safe and warm this Christmas," Catholic Charities of Denver President and CEO Larry Smith told Denver 7. "Any way the community can help and give donations for the homeless facing the hardship and unbearable temperatures would be greatly appreciated. I invite the community to share compassion and mercy to those most in need."

Samaritan House’s website says the organization is making progress finding housing and employment for people who come to them in crisis. According to their website:

226 residents found employment91% of single residents left the shelter with an income source64% of single residents left with housing67% of families left with housing

Anyone interested in helping the shelter can purchase items or make cash donations by visiting samhousedenver.org/help-cold-weather.


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