Chicano Pride Ride organizers have traffic safety concerns

DENVER — One of the state’s largest motorcycle scholarship fund raising rides has traffic concerns.

The Chicano Pride Ride is scheduled for Cinco de Mayo.

More than 800 motorcycle riders will participate in the charity ride that will start in Golden and end in Downtown Denver.

The group has learned it won’t get police protection at intersections, which the ride’s organizer, Jim Chavez says both Golden and Denver promised.

Chavez told the FOX31 Problem Solvers he’s “been asking for months and we were led to believe and understand that we were going to be given some assistance through he busiest intersections in the city. That has changed in the last couple of weeks and now we are being told they will not provide us any resources.”

We spoke to Golden’s city spokesperson about the concerns.

Karlyn Tillley told the Problem Solvers the city never promised to offer traffic control.

Tilley added, “We believe all of these charities have great causes and we’re not trying to put undue pressure on them, but we simply don’t have the resources, so that’s why we tell them they need to follow the rules of the road.”

The Problem Solvers also spoke to Denver police who said they never made any promises either.

To get help with traffic control in either city would be costly and require special permits.

But Chavez insists he was told several times the group would get help to keep the riders safe.

So he never applied for special permits from either Golden or Denver.

Chavez says there’s never been an accident at the event in the past seven years.

The goal now is to make it eight years without anyone getting hurt.

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